Broadband for VoIP

VoIP Technology

Most businesses nowadays are structured around a VoIP telephone system providing flexibility to your staff and the way your business operates. A VoIP telephone system is run through your internet connection, converting standard telephone audio into a digital format that can be transmitted over the Internet.

As VoIP technology converts your voice into data, the quality of your phone calls is dependent on the strength and stability of your internet connection. Before you install a VoIP phone system in your business, it’s important that you measure your internet connection’s ability to manage the traffic.

VoIP in Business

If you’re considering VoIP for your business, we’ll visit your site and talk it through with you. We’ll consider your call density, work out your upload requirements and identify the actual broadband speeds you’ll get (we’re not interested in meaningless “maximum” or “up to” speeds – just real ones).

We’ve descovered that one size does NOT fit all when using VoIP systems in business! We understand broadband and VoIP in detail and how to make it do the best job for your business. Tried and tested in large businesses across the world, well-designed VoIP systems are now a sophisticated and cost-effective solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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The Benefits of VoIP

We offer a reliable, advanced VoIP platform with a host of benefits for businesses of every size

  • Costs less than traditional telephony

  • Delights your callers

  • Internal calls are free – even across multiple sites

  • Fully Scalable

  • Portable phone numbers

  • Keeps your workforce in touch wherever they are

  • Built-in business continuity