VoIP Telephone System

Optionbox delivers exceptional business telephone systems that fit your organisation – down to the smallest detail. And because we aim to help our clients grow, we focus on find solutions that have the flexibility and scalability you need to maximise your telecoms efficiency and ROI year after year.

Telephone System Maintenance

Because we understand the business-critical nature of your business phones, we know that you’ll appreciate the reassurance of prompt and efficient support and maintenance should you ever need it.

Telephone Lines

Telecoms are the lifeblood of almost every business. So here’s some good news -whatever the scale of your organisation, you can get better deals on your lines and calls. And unless you’re already with Optionbox, you can enjoy far better service too.

Inbound Numbers and Virtual Numbers

Your inbound numbers can give your business far more than simple phone conversations. Optionbox can arrange a virtual inbound numbers service that acts like a mini phone system, yet operates from your mobile.

Geographic Numbers

When growing and nurturing your business, the local community can be extremely important for developing a stronghold within a geographical location. As your business expands and evolves, it’s essential to preserve a friendly face and remain approachable if you are to maintain this local customer base.

Business Mobile

Sustaining business communication whilst outside of your office is one of the most critical elements of modern-day business life. Our range of business mobiles and devices, coupled with industry leading tariffs will keep you connected, wherever you are.