About Optionbox

What We Do

We help businesses and organisations get the best deals on their telephone bills, along with the installation of lines and broadband. We also supply and install, including any cabling or telephone points, and lease all the hardware for a fully functional telephone system whether VoIP or PBX. In addition, we can also help you get the best deals on your energy renewals, covering all of your business utility requirements.

Who We Are

Well, first of all we’re experts in the telecoms and utilities industry. But we don’t always like what we see in it. It’s our ambition to do a consistently good job for our clients, time after time. We’re perfectly happy to put in the hefty spadework that keeps us up to speed with the best deals on the market. We love saving you the immense hassle of dealing with suppliers that costs your time and sanity.  And as our customer, you’ll have your own friendly and helpful Optionbox Account Manager who meets and talks to you in person.

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You see, the Optionbox team are real people who believe that trust, transparency and truthfulness make great business sense. That’s why we don’t just talk about phenomenal service, absolute integrity and outstanding value.

It’s exactly what we do. Every time!

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