Fibre Broadband

Speed and Efficiency

Fibre optic cabling is revolutionising broadband speed and efficiency across the UK and opening up cloud computing and high quality VoIP opportunities for every business. Fibre optic cables run directly between the exchange and the cabinets on our streets and allow much faster broadband speeds than the copper wire previously used.

However to enjoy all the many benefits of FTTC, you’ll need the right advice and a professional engineer’s site visit to identify exactly what you need – and what you don’t. You can trust Optionbox to give you honest, accurate information and A1 service that puts us way above the crowd.

Broadband Specialists

As broadband specialists, we know how to get the best from FTTC for your business broadband, so why not call us TODAY on 0333 200 4680 to see how we can help? Ensuring that you get the most cost effective solution, allowing you to scale up and down as your business changes.

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The Benefits of Fibre Broadband for your Business

  • Individual Site Assessment

  • Expert and Tailored Advice

  • Professional Installation

  • The fastest possible broadband speeds

  • Excellent cost savings in 90% of cases