Full Networked Security Systems

At Optionbox we’ve taken full networked security systems to the next level. Our bespoke network security systems provide an enhanced level of CCTV unlike no other; recording images of your property or land 24/7 and work simultaneously with our complete security features.

With a networked security system each camera in the Networked/IP camera system has a unique address on your home network and is distinctly addressable. This means control apps, cloud apps and services, and so on can all connect with and interact with your individual security cameras. In addition networked cameras almost always sport much higher resolution than traditional CCTV cameras, have a strong emphasis on network and cloud services and integration, and are typically integrated with a smart home/Internet-of-things type home system.

Why choose OptionBox

Our teams have years of experience installing and handling fully networked security systems and ensure a perfect installation every time. We aim to get every network system installed as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your business as possible. We will always inform you every step of the process and keep updated with the progress of the job.

Fixed wireless

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