Geographic Numbers

When growing and nurturing your business, the local community can be extremely important for developing a stronghold within a geographical location. As your business expands and evolves, it’s essential to preserve a friendly face and remain approachable if you are to maintain this local customer base.

Whether you’re moving the location of your business or you want to establish a customer base in a new area without the expense of setting up an office, city numbers can play a pivotal role for the marketing strategy of businesses big and small.

Why Invest in City Numbers?

Optionbox can connect you with city numbers that give you a local image but a more flexible way to manage your communications from anywhere in the UK. We supply local numbers throughout the country, which can be forwarded to your current landline or mobile number. So, if you’ve moved your office from Leeds to London, you can retain your local presence for existing customers without the running costs of an office.

As many entrepreneurs manage more than one business, you can also establish city numbers for each individual business, whilst pointing them all to the same landline number. That way, you can diversify your activity without the hassle of operating different phones for each branch of your business. Don’t worry, you’ll know which business each incoming call is for before you answer!

The Optionbox Promise

Our easy and affordable service is perfect for business owners wanting to keep their existing local number when they move, or set up a new number to virtually expand their communications network. As well as setting up city numbers with us, you can take advantage of our virtual phone system with voice mail, call recording and call queues features. And to ensure that you stay on top of your customer relations and marketing, we’ll provide accurate statistics to help you move forward.

Choose Optionbox to equip you with city numbers for a flexible and affordable plan that will evolve as your business does. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to talk through your options.

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