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All You Need to Know About Geographic Numbers

Choosing the right telephone number for your business can make a big difference. How potential customers perceive your business can differ greatly depending on the phone number that you choose. For example, if your main business telephone number is a 07 number (a mobile number), people will without a doubt perceive your business to be small. On the other hand, if your main number is a 03 number, potential customers often believe that your business operates on a national scale.

There are several types of number suitable for businesses, with a popular type being geographic numbers. Geographic numbers all begin 01 and 02, and they can be extremely beneficial for a business for numerous reasons.

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What is a geographic number?

A geographic number is a number relating to a specific location in the UK. For example, a 020 number is a London number. Geographic numbers are sometimes alternatively known as:

  • Basic rate numbers
  • Local rate numbers
  • National rate numbers

You can buy geographic numbers for areas that you aren’t based in, which can be helpful for changing the perception of the size of your business for the better.

Why use geographic numbers?

There are plenty of brilliant benefits to having one geographic number or multiple. What are the advantages of using geographic numbers for your business?

Establish a local presence without a local office

It is well known that people love to shop local. This also applies to many businesses looking to buy a service or a product. Businesses will often search for companies in their local area offering a service or product they require, so establishing a local presence in an area could generate a lot of leads for your business.

If you are based in Leeds and have a London geographic number, people phoning the London number will believe they’re talking to a London-based business. In reality, they’re talking to your team based in Leeds.

If you want to establish an office in a different city in the UK, you can use a geographic number to test the water and begin establishing your presence before you set up an office there.

Calls can be directed to any device

Virtual geographic numbers are extremely flexible. You can direct all calls from several numbers all to one device or a group of devices. This means you can manage calls to all your geographic numbers without having to have heaps of devices to answer all the calls.

Redirecting calls to geographic numbers can be beneficial if you move between different locations and you aren’t always at the same desk. You can redirect all phone calls to a number, for example, a mobile phone number, if you will not be at your desk.

The flexibility to travel and still receive calls is one of the key benefits of virtual geographic numbers.

Customers trust local numbers more than some alternatives

There are several types of number that people don’t enjoy phoning. For example, 08 numbers. If customers do not recognise a certain number, they sometimes have concerns about whether they are going to be charged, or whether they are going to be directed to a foreign call centre. If you have a recognisable local number for your business, you have established an element of trust before even receiving the call.

For the most part, calling a geographic number from a mobile won’t incur an extra cost on a customer’s bill; It will use their contracted minutes. With other types of numbers, customers are often uncertain on which numbers are free to call as part of their contract. If a customer is unsure whether they will be charged extra for phoning a number, they simply won’t phone the number. With a local number that they recognise as being part of their inclusive calls, you increase your chances of people calling your business.

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If you buy a geographic number from us, support is included as part of your monthly charge. This means that if you need diverts modifying or you have an issue related to your number that you need help with, we’ll help you out.

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