Indoor Wireless Networks

Laptops, tablets and smartphones have become essential tools to business, and have fast transformed the way in which we work in recent years. Establishing reliable indoor wireless networks for your offices or sites is therefore an important investment, for small and big businesses alike. However the major telecoms suppliers often fail to meet the vast and growing requirements of their business customers, with slow speeds that can seriously impact their clients’ day-to-day activities.

Want a bespoke solution for your business with dedicated support? Optionbox Networks is here to help you set up and manage an indoor wireless network that will make poor connectivity a thing of the past.

Secure Indoor Solutions

Few people spend their whole workday at their desk anymore, which is why wireless networks are essential for businesses of all types and sizes. Being able to take your laptop or tablet into a meeting, get emails through on your phone, or have a conference call somewhere a bit quieter would all be near impossible without a quality indoor wireless framework.

By investing in an infrastructure to support the communications of your business, you can become more efficient and let your business grow with no restrictions. From secure leased lines to superfast line of sight broadband (also known as fixed wireless broadband) there are several options out there that can boost your network performance, wherever in the country your business is located.

The OptionBox Networks Promise

As experts in telecoms and IT, Optionbox Networks understands the challenges and priorities of businesses when setting up an indoor wireless network. Whether you have a small office space or multi-storey premises, we’ll find a cost effective solution tailored to the needs of your business.

We’ll take the time to find out what your current and forecasted telecoms usage is, and provide you with a network that has plenty of room to grow as your business does. Our friendly team builds long-term relationships with our clients, providing the support you need as your telecoms requirements evolve.

Want to find out more about our indoor wireless solutions? Contact us to discuss your needs or request a free, no-obligation quote.

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