Leased Lines

Reliable Private Networks

If telecommunications are key to your business, you don’t want your connectivity to be compromised by other users in the area. Leased lines provide a reliable private network for your communications, including telephone, data, and internet systems. So if your business relies on sending and receiving large volumes of data, or you want to connect your offices with a single network, a leased line could be a smart option for your business.

By establishing a dedicated telecommunications line with your telecoms provider, you can ensure that your offices have a secure, reliable and high-speed network that won’t let you down at critical moments. Whether your activity centres around online transactions, or the smooth-running of customer service is critical to the longevity of your business, leased lines allow you to streamline your business with one intelligent infrastructure. It could even save you money!

Flexible and Affordable

Optionbox offers flexible and affordable leased lines to businesses big and small, to help you strengthen your telecommunications with a plan that works for you. We’ll talk through your requirements to work out the speed, uses and number of locations that you need, before setting out a contract that ticks the boxes and sticks to your budget.

Contact us to find out more about Optionbox leased line price plans. Discover how we can save money whilst improving communications within your business, now and into the future.

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The Benefits of Leased Lines

  • An active private line that guarantees symmetrical connectivity between offices and sites at all times

  • One fixed cost to meet all of your monthly telecoms usage

  • Reliable network speeds and security for communicating between sites and with clients

  • Dedicated support to fix any problems, fast.

  • Exchange large volumes of data or communications without compromising the network’s connectivity

  • Meet your evolving business requirements with one effective solution