Outdoor Wireless Networks

If your business requires strong connectivity not just in the office or premises, but throughout a whole site, you may be thinking about investing in an outdoor wireless network solution. Doing so will allow your communications to run smoothly from the office to the far reaches of your grounds, so your workforce and clients can connect to your network on any device, from anywhere on site.

A specialised infrastructure for outdoor broadband usage is designed to be robust and reliable in any weather condition, throughout a specified external area. From restaurants and pubs with outdoor seating to universities and business parks, Optionbox Networks works with all kinds of organisations to deliver quality outdoor wireless solutions.

Superfast Outdoor Networks

Outdoor wireless is a becoming an increasingly popular alternative to leased lines, allowing businesses to boost their network performance and reduce their expenditure. Using line of sight technology, you can link specified areas or buildings together to create a zone of hotspots within the same infrastructure. Whether you are running a commercial park or a business in a rural location, there are plenty of ways in which outdoor wireless networks can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Secure Outdoor Wireless Solutions

Optionbox Networks is here to take the complexity out of setting up and managing an outdoor network. We’ll weigh up your options, including dedicated outdoor wireless networks, line of sight connectivity, and boosting your existing network with additional outdoor capacity, to help you figure out the right choice for your business needs and budget.

Our helpful advisors are always looking to find the most cost-effective solution for your individual business requirements, so you can take advantage of top notch connectivity without watching your expenditure soar. And as your business grows, we’ll make sure that your infrastructure can be scaled up and down to reflect your developments.

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