The Rollover Trap

The rollover trap is completely legal, yet all it does is to feed utility suppliers profits.

It neatly traps the unsuspecting business consumer in an inflated rate deal for the entire length of a contract, without the opportunity of breaking free.

How It Works

As you approach the end of your contract, you’ll hit a renewal window – a short period of a few days during which you’re free to change your supplier or renew your existing contract. If (like most energy consumers) you’re unaware of this window, then you’ll miss it – and you could be “rolled over” into a more expensive contract rate that locks you in for another contract period, or in an ‘out of contract’ rate, which can be significantly higher. It’s likely to add up to significantly greater costs and of course, should you miss your renewal window next time, the rollover will happen again and again. The consequences for your business could be devastating.

Sadly there are tens of thousands of stories like this one: the rollover trap is an everyday feature of many utilities and telecoms providers and brokers.

Always on the side of the good guys, Optionbox offers a decent and honest alternative.

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