Wireless Broadband

Reliable Connection

A high-speed, reliable internet connection you can rely on is a must for any business. With most businesses increasingly relying on the internet, a high-quality internet connection is essential. Just think how many emails and attachments you send and receive every day.

Superfast broadband is currently being rolled out across the UK, focusing specifically on highly populated areas. If your business happens to be in one of those areas that is not included there’s no need to panic. At OptionBox we now provide a high-speed wireless internet connection that can provide your business with an internet connection you can rely on.

Line of Sight Broadband

Line of Sight Broadband also called Fixed Wireless Broadband allows businesses in areas not supplied by BT or Virgin to benefit from faster broadband speeds through a Line of Sight connection. Faster broadband speeds are no longer solely reliant on telephone lines and exchange points which means those businesses can start to see the rewards instantly. Line of Sight Broadband is wireless and runs across a fibre network that is not owned by BT which means satellite or Line of Sight is more cost effective than traditional leased lines.

With our line of sight wireless broadband there’s no digging, no disruption and no waiting time required; simply a reliable internet connection.

With an ever-increasing amount of business occurring over the internet and more and more services moving to the cloud and Affordable, high-speed internet connection you can rely on is a must for any business.

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The Benefits of a Wireless Internet Connection

  • Dedicated connectivity for your business

  • Guaranteed network availability with 99.95% uptime and 4-hour fix

  • Low latency for Cloud services and VoIP

  • Symmetrical bandwidth between 10Mbps and 2Gbps

  • Scalable and flexible connectivity

  • Advanced security – to meet industry standard AES256

  • Connectivity via DIA, MPLS and Layer 2

  • Cheaper and easier than a business lease line

  • Provides areas not serviced by BT and Virgin access to fast internet speed