Wireless Datalinks

Seamlessly Connected

Wireless data links seamlessly connected through wireless point to point communication systems, allowing businesses to run their entire system through a wireless connection.

A traditional point to point communication data link will connect two endpoints using a variety of means, including buried fibre or internal cabling. With the development in communication tools over the past 10 years, it is now possible to avoid the costly fees and use a wireless data link system bespoke to your business set up. With this technology, wireless communication has never been faster, easier, and cheaper.

How do wireless data links work?

Specialized antennae are expertly placed on the two endpoints that are to be connected. Using a clear line of sight, the antennae connect the telecommunication networks between the locations. Depending on the clarity of the line of sight, the connection can stay strong for tens of miles. Essentially, these systems work like an invisible Ethernet cord to bring two locations together.

With wireless point to point communications, sharing information such as data, voice, and video is quick and efficient. Multiple points can effectively connect to the same server, despite their distance. Additionally, a business with multiple locations can streamline their landline and telephone communications.

Fixed wireless

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The Benefits of a Wireless Data Link

  • Connection remains uninterrupted and consistent

  • Provide areas with poor connections a reliable setup

  • Cost saving compared to traditional data links

  • Guaranteed a reliable and high quality wireless point to point connection between the two designated locations

  • Whether your company is big or small, such a platform can be cost saving and highly efficient

  • Wireless data links are designed to grow with you and your business