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Whether you need a telephone system, an internet circuit or security solutions for your business, Optionbox can provide them for you. We have a skilled, experienced team of personnel that can advise you on, install and maintain internet circuits, CCTV and telephone systems.

Our personal approach is unprecedented in a typically faceless telecommunications industry. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke approach to customers in Yorkshire and on a national level.

£2500 towards the cost of a fibre connection

You might be eligible to receive £2500 towards the costs of installing a fibre connection for your business. To find out more, book your free, no-obligation consultation.


Our Services

Here at Optionbox, we’ll find you a cost-effective, reliable solution to your problem. Whether your current internet circuit is too slow or your telephone system doesn’t have all the options you need, we provide resolutions that you can rely on for years to come.

Business Internet

Here at Optionbox, we have the unique skills and experience to install and maintain the variety of internet circuits offered by BT, from cost-effective solutions such as ADSL to premium options such as leased lines.

The range of internet circuits that we offer can be relied on for speeds and cost-effectiveness, whether you are a start-up or an established business with multiple offices and hundreds of employees. We can find the right solution for your business.

Telephone Systems and VoIP for Business

We can install and maintain the latest VoIP technology, allowing your business to work more effectively and therefore save money. Not only are our systems cost-effective, but they come with a host of features that make managing your system easy and beneficial.

We offer support services that allow you to utilise your VoIP system fully. Whether you want a redirect setting up or a sophisticated hunt group solution created, we can help you.

CCTV Installation and Door Access Control

We can install top of the range security solutions for your business. Whether you need door entry systems or CCTV for your company, we have the experience to select and install the right solutions for you.

If security is important for your business, a comprehensive network of safety solutions is necessary. We can create the ultimate security setup for your business, utilising state of the art CCTV and door access technology from a range of suppliers.


Find out more about Telecommunications

Our blog is full of tips, advice and reviews relating to the latest in the telecommunications industry.

FREE Broadband Review

We’ll review your existing broadband solution for FREE. Contact Optionbox today to book your free review.